The Design/Build Process

How We Work:

New Space is pleased to offer an unusually high degree of personal attention to the homeowners and developers we work with. We will aide you through project development from conception to completion. Our architectural process is divided into two phases: conceptual drawings and technical documents.

During the conceptual phase,

We meet with you and discuss your needs, desires, and means. If you are remodeling an existing house, we will measure it and discuss possibilities for expansion that complement the existing structure. For new homes, we consider the lot, project environment, and your ideas about the kind of house you’d like to build and live in. To this end, we encourage you to look around our portfolio and other houses that appeal to you, to get an idea of the kind of space you’d like us to help you create.

In the conceptual phase, we create sketches, models, and conceptual drawings to give you an idea of how we envision your future space. We meet with clients and guide them through the design process; eventually creating plans to represent our mutual decisions on how best to use your space.

During the technical documents phase,

We ensure that our plans will provide a firm foundation for your future home. By interfacing with surveyors, structural, and civil engineers, we make sure the building materials we decide on are appropriate for the project site. We continue to revise and clarify the original plans to take into account input from these outside sources.

We help prepare all of the construction documents necessary for obtaining a building permit, for the client. Once the client submits his request for a building permit to his respective municipality, we can also recommend a contractor able to bring his project into completion. New Space will continue to assist the client in construction-observation, making sure that the building process runs smoothly. We guarantee that the houses we create will succeed as lasting personal investments for our clients.