Our Services

We are an architecture design firm that specializes in new home construction, small-scale commercial design, and the remodeling of existing homes and businesses. We offer personal, comprehensive design and architectural plan development services for our clients that include:

Initial consultation

At no obligation to you, the client, we will meet together to discuss your ideas and options. Your property and neighborhood will be researched to determine building codes, zoning regulations, and market conditions. After measuring and evaluating the existing property, we define goals and priorities for the project. Preliminary design ideas, investment limits, and timelines are discussed, as well as the property’s current strengths and areas requiring improvement.

Design development

Our architects will draw up a space plan to show the overall flow and function of the new and improved space. We incorporate your ideas into scaled plans and illustrative drawings to give you a better feel for your new space. After establishing a budget and time frame for construction, more detailed floor plans, elevations, or colored renderings will be prepared for review or comment. A design retainer is paid by the client to partially offset the cost of this effort.

Architectural plan development

A more detailed site measure is completed by our staff with an emphasis on preventing unplanned work from becoming necessary during construction. Detailed floor plans, interior and exterior elevations, sections, and mechanical plans or the proposed construction are drawn.

Review and material selection

We help you select lighting, cabinetry, and other finishes to further enhance your project. We give you the freedom to work independently or in consultation with other designers in making your selections and completing a comprehensive schedule for all selections, including color and finishes for materials such as flooring and wall treatments, windows and doors, cabinets and trim.

Timely Construction

We can provide our clients with contacts to several experienced independent contractors with who we have worked with in the past. Otherwise, we can assist our clients in evaluating competing bids from different building firms, and provide a smooth transition between the design and build stages of project development.